Since its invention, radio has been one of history’s revolutionary tools for connecting people. Now with the emergence of Internet and social media technologies, the medium is more significant and universal than ever. Klangbox.FM, as a live and fully operational internet radio station, is primarily a tool for community building- connecting Wynwood and the greater Miami community on both a local and global scale. Over the past decade, Miami’s new arts and music scene has solidified into a palpable community rich with creativity, ambition, and solidarity. The Wynwood neighborhood in particular has fostered a foundation on which resources and ideas can be shared and cultivated. Klangbox.FM extends this movement, using internet radio as a channel for sharing what Miami has to offer, connecting people and bringing them together throughout the globe. We play Underground EDM, Deep House, Disco, Hip Hop. A lot of local Miami artists. Submit your music through our online form. facebook.com/klangbox @Klangbox

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