JogTunes Indie Podcast, The

I am looking for royalty free music by independent musicians for my music podcast. The JogTunes Indie Podcast is a 30 to 60 minute podcast that’s meant to be ‘run to.’ By that we mean it’s intended to be listened to while you’re running. Well, that was the original intent. Turns out, most indoor cyclist, aquarunners, users of stairmasters, ellipticals and mini-trampolines, and even swimmers, may find these shows great for working out exactly to the tempos of indie music. The songs are selected and sequenced solely for working out exactly to the beat of the music. The shows begin with a brief introduction and a warm-up tune usually in the 110-130 BPM range. This is followed by a series of tunes that begins in the 140-150 range and usually peaks with tunes in the BPM range of 170-185. The sequence slows back down to a cool-down in the 110-130 range. I play primarily Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Reggae, Jazz and R&B, but I’m open to other genres as well. @JogTunes

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