SLANG is a music company, Label & Distribution platform reconstructed
for the Next Generation of Artists.

SLANG is a collaborative ecosystem, where an artist can generate, market and monetize their creative output 3-dimensionally, in partnership with a strategic and dedicated team.

We offer the global solutions, analytical tools, experience and resources to help monetize your work effectively by providing artists with Distribution, DIY Tools, Digital & Social Marketing, a Curator Network, Radio Promotion, Sync Licensing, Brand Marketing and more to reach a worldwide audience for your music and content.

At SLANG, we carefully curate the artists we work with in order to provide them a level of service that goes above and beyond simply distribution - whether that’s pitching for playlists, building out marketing tools, or brand partnerships, we help our artists rise.

We always bet on our artists, and we're always looking for ways for you to win. Our soon-to-be-launched SLANG Music Fund gives artists the opportunity to receive advances on their catalog.

In short, we provide the infrastructure for success, allowing you to focus on creating music and content.
Join us today.