Deaf Sparrow

A corrosive concoction of Garage, Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Experimental & Extreme independent music. If you’d like your releases (CDs, DVDs, demos, vinyl, 7’s, tapes (no 8-tracks please!!!)) to be reviewed, send them to us. CD-Rs are fine as long as they contain complete material (full-length’s, EPs, etc.) but promos that only include two or three songs of a release don’t qualify for review. Also, please abstain yourself from suggesting that I check out your music in your Bandcamp page or your website, we simply don’t have the time, nor the enthusiasm to do that. I PREFER DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS. Please don’t waste my time with snail mail, it usually ends up being money wasted on your part, because few of the submissions I receive are really worth my time.

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