Cyclic Defrost

An online magazine that covers independent Electronic music, Avant-Rock, Experimental Sound Art, leftfield Hip Hop and everything in between. If it’s weird and wonderful, strange and new you will find it here. We are deliberately different. We are not governed by and have little interest in artificially manufactured trends by publicists, labels or other media. We care little about what’s hot right now and our music news section only covers music we love and think you need to know about. We are more concerned about music that we think is innovative, exciting and lasting. We feature a unique mix of local and international feature articles about artists, scenes, labels and genres, as well as regularly updated reviews of CDs, DVDs, vinyl, books and innovative live performances. Cyclic Defrost exists purely because we love music in all its strange mutant beauty and bizarre misshapen forms. It’s that simple. PLEASE NOTE: Cyclic Defrost no longer accepts physical music submissions without prior discussion with the editors. Digital promos can be sent to our e-mail address. Due to the volume of music we are sent, we are unable to inform you if your release has been received. @cyclicdefrost

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