World of Jazz – AnalogueTrash Radio

Two hours of Jazz – new releases and archive classics. If you are in a band or a solo artist and you want airplay on my podcast and radio show contact me using the online form. However please have a look at my playlists or listen to my shows to hear the types and range of music that I feature before submitting something … these are shows aligned towards grassroots and underground/outsider music. If you have an MP3 of your music please send me a LINK – don’t ask me if I want to have one, assume I do, it’s quicker for me to process stuff if I don’t have to write back to you asking for something you could have sent me already. I listen to everything I get, but I don’t necessarily play it! I receive 100s of e-mails a week from promo companies and bands so answering you may take a while – so please be patient. If you mither me with repeat e-mails I’m more than likely going to reach for the delete button.

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