WERS – Emerson College

To submit music to WERS, you MUST follow these guidelines for consideration: Music submissions can be filled out via our ONLINE FORM or sent to our e-mail address. .WAV files are preferred, while MP3’s are also accepted. We are under no obligation to listen to everything sent to us. Likewise, we are under no obligation to play anything. We play it if we like it. Calling our DJs and/or having your friends call our DJs and requesting your music will not get it played. If we do not deem it airworthy or if we do not like it, we will not play it. WERS will not play music with obscenities or indecent content. All submitted music must be edited in accordance with FCC standards. Please do not call the request line to follow up on music submissions. facebook.com/wers889fm @WERS889FM

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