Unite Asia

The main inspiration of this website is the dearth of information about Asian bands and what they’re up to. As someone who LOVES music I have always found it strange that every day I scour the world’s huge database of Punk/Hardcore/Metal websites and I am only ever able to read up on bands from the west (mainly USA). Personally, the music news that I ACTUALLY want to find out about is stuff going on around here in Asia. The only way I can stay abreast of Asian related music news is by physically going onto each band’s website. In my 15 years of King Ly Chee, I am honored to have built relationships with countless bands, labels, promoters, organizations ALL over this fine continent of ours … however, I literally don’t have the time in the day to hit EACH band, label or promoter’s websites to find out about them! So – why don’t we bring all this information to one easy location. Here you have Asia’s own answer to international punk, hardcore, metal news websites. DO NOT SEND US INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR BAND THROUGH FACEBOOK!!! ALWAYS USE OUR WEBSITE and click SUBMIT NEWS! facebook.com/uniteasia @uniteasia

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