Torture the Artist (H)

Torture the Artist is a webzine, or a magazine made for the internet, geared towards those with a passion for contemporary electronic music, with subgenres including Techno, Tech House, Deep House and Eletronica, as well as a small amount of Indie and Alternative. Founded in 2014 by Holger Breuer, a German native and lover of the arts, Torture the Artist now consists of ten team members from all around the world. In addition to publishing interviews, music reviews, DJ charts and track premieres, the webzine hosts a bi-monthly podcast series called ‘art:casts’. This medium gives DJs and producers the artistic freedom to highlight their different musical styles while not being restricted by factors such as setting, and connecting them to a wider audience. . Being in its fourth year, Torture the Artist has gained a strong and active online support group, including music enthusiasts to label managers and artists themselves, creating a cohesive community with music as their bond.

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