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This blog comments on the latest music business news & updates, gives valuable free advice to upcoming musicians, bands and artists, as well as sharing insights into what makes the most popular artists popular. Whilst I don’t review albums or singles on this blog, I am always interested in listening to new music and offering my feedback and advice. Should you have any demos, submissions, interviews and/or features that you’d like to be discuss, please send me as much information as possible to my e-mail address. However, please note that if you are sending music, I would prefer a link to it rather than an attachment (we don’t want my inbox getting clogged up now do we?) and replies may take a little while as I like to respond to every email in full detail.I will do my best to listen to as much music sent in as possible but please note that I do not do features or reviews of upcoming music; instead, this blog focuses more on the business of the Music Industry and tips for upcoming bands and artists looking to get ahead within it. @sunnynorwich

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