Soul Traveller Radio

In every show and every song, we are bringing a message of change and personal growth. Our tagline is ‘You Can Be The Change.’ The line-up of programmes is exciting as we bring about a new style of radio station. Morning meditations, morning yoga, interviews with artists to find out more about who they are and how they started their journey, Saturday night specials with Globesonic Radio & The Black Swan Theory, Kitzie Stern with New World Kirtan, The Temple of Youth every night at 6pm featuring music with a bit more edge, author profiles showcasing the latest books and live chat shows with healers, mediums and other spiritual guests. If you have music that you wish to have played on Soul Traveller Radio, and you think it fits the Conscious Music category, send us either downloadable Soundcloud tracks, Dropbox links or Bandcamp LINKS so we can check it our. Direct any music to our e-mail address. @Soul_Traveller

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