Songsalive! Song Critique and Album Review Service

Hear what Record Executives won’t tell you! Submit anything from a
lyric to a finished master. We help from the ideas stage – working
out the songs and the demo – right through to finished ‘radio-
friendly’ master – who to send to and how. We help with lyrics,
rhyming schemes, song structure, melody, production, and where
to pitch, promote and release your song! We accept songs of ALL
GENRES, plus instrumentals, plus lyrics only submissions. Get a true
Album Review that you can publish to your website or presskit/EPK
to help in your marketing and promotion. We’ve noticed that one of
the Top 5 things an artist wants these days is a review of their CD.
Unlike a song critique, that provides feedback and critique about
your song/music to make it better before you release it), a CD
Review provides a journalist’s point of view on the entire album,
that’s worthy to publish on your website or in your press kit/EPK.
We accept songs of ALL GENRES, plus instrumentals. @songsalive

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