Smooth Jazz Calendar

Consolidated, up-to-date listings of contemporary Jazz events worldwide. Each event provides links to artists and venue and/or event details. This site features instrumental Jazz, not Jazz vocals. I include singers only when they are listed in a festival or event’s line-up that also features instrumental Jazz. In general, artists or bands who feature vocals in most of their songs are not included here, if I am aware of that. (A band may have a huge instrumental hit but feature vocals in 90% of their set lists without my knowledge.). 2. I include artists only if they have a website of some sort – a Reverbnation page or a public (not personal) Facebook page also are fine – and a way for visitors to hear a bit of the artist’s music, either on the musician’s site or at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon etc. 3. Generally I require two confirmations of an event before listing – one from the artist and one from the venue or a separate EventBrite page, public Facebook event, an online newspaper listing, etc. This helps to avoid issues with dates that are not yet fully confirmed. I will include dates confirmed by a venue or festival, even if not yet listed on an artist’s website since I assume they have a contract in hand. 4. I generally do not include Jazz events that are part of political gatherings or religious services unless it is a benefit concert of some type. @SJCalendar

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