Scientists of Sound

Set up as a pastime, but also partly to stop me nagging friends about the next best band. I’m sure there’s only so much ‘Hey have you heard these’ and ‘Wow, you so have to check out these’ that people can take. I try to keep my word count to a minimum when reviewing because at the end of the day we’re all here to listen to music and not read. There’s plenty of books for that kind of thing. If you have anything you want featured on the blog then feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll more than happy write an article on your feature (if I like it). This blog’s built around the idea of music I love. Therefore if I don’t get back to you within a few weeks it sadly means it wasn’t for me. Please include a streaming link (Soundcloud preferably or YouTube/Bandcamp etc.). I often don’t have the time to download an entire album without being able to stream it first. The first thing I look for when I get an email is the streaming LINK so please try and include it at the top. If I have to hunt around for it and I can’t see one on times I may delete the e-mail. I’m a one man project and get a lot of e-mails. @sos_musicblog

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