I get hundreds of CDs every month. Yours will be in a pile with the rest of them, possibly for many weeks. Go on the assumption that we will NOT review your record. Please do not send me any music that will, in your words, “change my life.” You will know if your record gets reviewed if it appears in the magazine. I can’t send everyone a letter telling them I received or reviewed their record (or didn’t), but if there is an e-mail address clearly noted on your recording, I will do my best to e-mail the review to you when and if it is published. Don’t ask me via e-mail what I thought of your recording. I can’t critique every recording ever made. I do the best I can. Please don’t ever call on the phone to “check up on a record.” The results could be disastrous. Do not send me attachments or images, press kits, audio files, any anything else other than a plain text message, no matter the size or content. I will never see it. Once we connect personally, we can see what needs to be sent. If this hasn’t scared you away, you can send your information and review CDs (don’t send huge press kits… we don’t read them!) to my mailing address. @rootsworld

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