Riff Relevant

Heavy Music news featuring Black, Classic, Death, Doom, Glam, Gothic, Hardcore, Kraut, Power, Post-, Progressive, Psych, Rock, Sludge, Speed, Stoner and Thrash. Please send all submissions to our e-mail address. Include an EPK or all relevant information about your music – tell us who you are, music style, band member names etc. (If you send an e-mail with “hey, check this out!” and a YouTube link, it will get deleted). Send submissions with links to digitally stream or download your music (Bandcamp codes are helpful). Download links from Dropbox or other file storage are also accepted. Do not attach MP3s to an e-mail. We also welcome physical submission and merch contributions for featured contest giveaways (stickers, patches, buttons, posters, shirts, CDs, vinyl, whatever you’d like to send). facebook.com/riffrelevant @riffrelevant

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