Ride the Tempo

Focuses on bringing you the best and most interesting in Canadian music across a variety of genres. Each of our writers have their own unique tastes, so sometimes you’ll get something totally unexpected. We also cover local festivals and concerts (national and international) to promote the music scene in the vast land up north. Please send audio files/info/links to artists you are trying to promote. Reverbnation links are stupid, even new ones. The only physical music we’re interested in receiving right now is vinyl. E-mail for an address on where to send it! We have representatives in Toronto, BC, PEI and Calgary. We’ll only check out shows near us and in surrounding areas (unless you’re going to pay for our flights elsewhere *wink wink*). Unlike the rest of the site, we will cover shows from artists all around the world. Media guest list and +1 is usually expected in order for us to show up. Please let us know of your show a week in advance to help us schedule things! Please keep in mind that besides live shows, we primarily post music from Canadian artists.. or at least those touring in Canada! facebook.com/ridethetempo @tianafeng

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