Radio Paradise

Do not e-mail Radio Paradise with music files or video links. Please don’t send us CDs. We are no longer accepting new music submissions on CDs. All that plastic & carbon-spewing transportation is sooooo 20th Century. Instead, please use our new Music Submissions system. 1. Songs must be available for public listening via YouTube, Soundcloud or Spotify. Keep in mind that if you include only a Spotify link, your submission may not be available to all potential listeners. YouTube & Soundcloud are more universally accessible. 2. Please do not re-submit songs that have already been declined by us. Our system will inform you about that automatically when you submit a song. 3. A maximum of 10 songs may be submitted for review by any listener, artist, or label. Of those, no more than 3 can be by the same artist. 4. You can submit more once some or all of your submissions have been accepted or declined. Please do not create additional user accounts to bypass this limit. We do check for that sort of thing. 5. Please do not submit live performance videos or other alternate YouTube- or Soundcloud-only versions. If the audio is only available via YouTube or SoundCloud, we can’t use it. 6. Please understand that we are very particular about what we add to our active music library. We accept only a small percentage of the songs that are submitted to us. This is based entirely on our own subjective opinion of what we want to play on RP. We encourage you to not take any rejections personally. 7. It sometimes takes a while for your submissions to make it through our review process. Please be patient. Bugging us will not speed things up. 8. Thanks for helping us to expand the RP playlist!

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