R2 Magazine

An eclectic music magazine that, since 1988, has covered a broad base of music, from the mainstream to the fringes of Roots, Rock, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Blues, World, Country and beyond. Our review section is possibly the most extensive of any UK-based magazine with over 300 releases and reissues (CDs, DVDs and books) covered per issue. Post a CD or, sensibly, two copies to R2’s editorial team at the address above. We do not accept reviews of items sent direct to a reviewer by the producing company or bought privately by the reviewer, unless we specifically requested it. Please note that we only review new releases from finished production copies. We do not review from MP3s, digital downloads, vinyl or other formats. All we need with your CD is a simple biography or ‘one sheet’. We don’t need reams of reviews from other publications. Your CD should be a new release, not something that has been kicking around for months and months. facebook.com/R2magazine

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