The #1 Blockchain Music Platform. A music platform governed by the users where the rewards are distributed between all those that bring value to it without the need for middlemen. The current structure of the music industry concentrates power in the hands of relatively few middlemen, i.e. record labels and their subsidiaries. Labels invest around $4.5 billion annually into marketing and A&R, and in turn are still gateways between creatives and potential commercial success. But not only do they determine which creatives are promoted to a wider audience, those fortunate enough to achieve commercial success will be lucky to see 10% of the revenue generated from the proceeds of their creations. In short, the problem is the structure of the industry itself. Its outdated institutions not only restrict growth but also consume a majority of the wealth the industry generates. Potentiam Core will be four main distribution modules. Digital sales, physical sales, sync licensing and P.R.O./broadcast royalties. There will also be a live performance module which connects performers with promoters. As Potentiam will eliminate the need for middlemen, PTM token holders have an opportunity to directly control and benefit from the rewards of the music industry. @Potentiam_io

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