Nordic Music Review

An excuse for us to write about Nordic music. Clearly by calling it a ‘review’ we are making some judgments as we go along, but only really to distinguish between what we quite like, really like and absolutely love. We don’t have any Aims and Objectives really, but there are 2 points which we’ll mention in case anyone is interested: Firstly we are mainly focusing on Album releases. An album, in our view, will always define an artist / bands musical output, and as much as we love our Spotify Playlists, it is becoming all to easy to pick and choose tracks from different artists and we worry that the importance of an album becomes diminished. If, at the very least, this changes our own listening habits slightly through reviewing albums, then that’s a good thing. Secondly, being UK based, we will have a focus on UK based Nordic acts as well as those artists planning to tour the UK, and we will try and sneak in an occasional live review where possible. You don’t have to send much, just a bit of info on what you’re releasing, with a link to Soundcloud / Spotify / Bandcamp, plus a Facebook page or something so we can have a look at what you’ve been up to. Formal Press Releases with everything on them are great but not always essential. Always include the Release Date details so we know what we’re working to. Just to state the obvious, we really are a Nordic Music site, and would prefer not to have submissions on non Nordic music. Submit your music via our SubmitHub page. @NordicMusicView

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