New York Music Daily

Here’s a comprehensive list of what New York Music Daily does. Our ‘brand’ is music that’s organic, not slick; edgy, not bland; socially aware, not clueless; purposeful, not dorky or awkward. If you represent acts who do any of the following styles, we’d love to hear about it: Anything noir. Art-rock, Orchestrated Rock, Chamber Pop, Postrock, Film Soundtracks. Circus Rock/Gypsy/Vaudevillian/Theatrical stuff. Americana – Bluegrass/Newgrass, Oldtimey, Country Blues, Honkytonk, Nashville Gothic, Spaghetti Western. Psychedelia, Jambands – but no Dave Matthews wannabes. Swing Jazz. Balkan and Middle Eastern music – but nothing Electronic. Loud Guitar Rock, Powerpop, Dreampop/Shoegaze, but nothing ‘indie.’ Punk, but no Emo or Screamo. Metal, but no Death Metal/S&M stuff. Singer-Songwriters – only those with smart lyrics and/or a comedic/satirical/political edge. Sounds from around the world, but nothing Electronic. Oldschool soul, but no Neosoul. Funk, but no ‘R&B.’ Roots Reggae, Blues, Desert Rock, Hip Hop all get occasional coverage here. There are also some styles that WE DON’T COVER, EVER – including Top 40. Love songs. Easy listening. Any act that sounds like anything signed to a major label in the last quarter century.

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