My Life In Sound

I have a crush on every band and artist I feature on this blog, hopefully you will too. I started this blog mainly to expose Americans to music they might not hear on the radio. Thankfully, due to the wondrous internet, people from all over the world can find something new here. All the music on this site belongs to the artist, please support them and buy their music: cds, mp3s, vinyl, get it all. Also, go to their concerts! There is nothing more incredible than indulging in live music with a bunch of great people you might not have met otherwise. Also, buy their merch at these shows. Supporting the artist is the best way for them to keep doing what they love, and putting out music that we love. This is strictly a positive blog, I only post music I love, there are no bad reviews, just simple posts of music I?m obsessed with, and photos of live shows of bands I adore that I take. I leave you to review them for yourself, and hopefully you will find new bands you love through listening to the videos and songs I post

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