Music Managers Forum Canada

The collective voice for Canadian music managers and self-managed artists. MMF Canada is a non-profit trade association offering education, networking and advocacy on behalf of our members, their artists, and the wider Canadian music community. Music Managers Forum Canada (MMF Canada) is a registered non-profit trade organization whose mission is to become the go-to source for Canadian artists and managers on issues related to music management in Canada and around the world. MMF Canada is a membership-based organization currently serving over 150 members who represent over 300 Canadian and international acts. The membership is national in scope and ranges from self-managed artists to highly experienced managers representing some of the largest acts in Canada. Our daily objectives are to work collaboratively with the larger music community to offer education, resources, advice, discounts and a network of peers. MMF Canada is the Canadian voice of a larger network of Music Management Forum?s from around the world. @MMFCanada

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