Metal Shock Finland

We believe we can do magic with our empty hands. We are a team formed by few amateur journalists that try to play an important role in Metal music industry, like our forefathers before us said ?If it doesn?t exist, it doesn?t mean it?s not possible.? Our goals are to support all talented Rockers, Metallers and Metalheads wherever they are, no matter if it is day or night, we are there to help you, we want to be a candle in your hands to enlighten your way. We believe in METAL which heals our souls, we want to encourage you to play your METAL louder and louder and blast the stages, amplifiers and speakers. We also like to support you if you organize Rock METAL festivals or shows or even you manage a promotion company or a record label, In other way, if you feel different, greatness and METAL inside, you are welcome!

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