Mad Music Asylum, The

If you are an artist looking for exposure, we would love to hear your stuff. I don’t want to come across as a snob but my musical tastes run from the Baroque Classical period to the music of today. I cannot guarantee you a slot on the program but am always, always looking for new tunes to listen to and love. I cannot give you any direction as to what to submit because depending on the mood I am in, I have the potential to like anything and everything. I would say please no head banging really Hard Rock, but at times I like Black Sabbath and Ted Nugent as much as the next guy so….anything goes. The best way to get our attention is to fill out our ONLINE FORM and send us a LINK to your music. If that seems too complicated, you can just send the LINK to our e-mail address. Also, it helps to interact with us on any of our various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest). If we like what we hear, we will contact you to obtain the MP3 file so we can mix it in to the program. @MadMusicAsylum

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