Louder Than War

We believe in the power of Rock ‘n Roll. Louder Than War is dedicated to international Punk Rock Pop culture. If you have music you’d like to submit to us for possible review and aren’t an established band, or if you’d like to be considered as a candidate for our ‘new artist of the day’ feature, please e-mail our New Artists team. Things to include when you get in touch as a potential new artist are: a LINK to download or stream your music, a short description (ideally one line) describing your band’s ‘sound’ a ‘RIYL / FFO’ seems to work quite well too. (That’s ‘Recommended If You Like’ & ‘For Fans Of’ for those of you who don’t know). Apols if you find this demeaning but it is a good way to catch the eye of people who may like you! facebook.com/louderthanwar @louderthanwar

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