Leftover Cake

An all-in-one resource/lifestyle blog providing a steady stream of quality content with specific focus on music, art and living the CakeLife. As a result of our loyal fanbase and the close relationships we maintain with the artists and brands that we feature, we have experienced resounding growth since our simple startup just over 4 years ago. Since the beginning we’ve been focused on featuring creatives from every end of the industry. Got something really interesting that you think should be featured on Leftover Cake? We want to hear from you! To ensure that your submission will be seen please send an e-mail that includes: relevant subject, artist name(s), title of submission, link(s) to submission (preferably with embed codes), descriptions and/or press releases, photos and/or artwork and social media links. If you must attach an MP3 please specify whether or not you would like this song to be available for download or for stream only.

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