We are Lambgoat. We specialize in hardcore, metal, and other forms of extreme music. The site was started in late 1999 as a very small repository for metal album reviews, but quickly grew as viewership began to increase. After redesigning the site several times, and focusing more on industry news, etc., the first full-scale launch of Lambgoat took place in August of 2000. The following year we continued to grow, both in content and viewership. Towards the end of 2001, we chose to redesign the site once again. This was no makeover though. The new site was rebuilt from the ground up. An entirely new database was built in addition to several other major enhancements. In 2004, we rebuilt the website yet again, adding a slew of new functionality. In late-2011 we finally launched a new version of Lambgoat. The entire website was completely redone (i.e. all existing code was trashed). We’re still adding new features, but we’ve put an extensible foundation in place, ensuring that Lambgoat will evolve more rapidly going forward

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