A multi-media publishing brand, that focuses on documenting the lifestyle of multi-cultural youth from an entertaining and intelligent perspective. KillerBoomBox’s goal is to establish an alternative voice from people passionate about covering culture. For submissions follow these guidelines and provide all the information listed below: Your Name, Artist’s Name, Artist’s Location, Song Streaming & Download Link, Video Link, Producer of Song, Mixtape Where Song is Featured, Artist’s Facebook Fan Page, Artist’s Twitter Page, Two High Res Pictures of the Artist / Cover Art for the Song. 1. Include songs in MP3 format by attaching download links AND attach songs to e-mail. Allow us to be able to stream the songs conveniently without having to download the songs first (do not attach M4As or WAVs). 2. Properly tag MP3s with artist name, song name and album/mixtape name. 3. If you wish for us to listen to your mixtape / album, attach 3 of the best songs from the project in the e-mail as well as a download link for the mixtape / album. @KillerBoomBox

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