Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine

An independent music Rock and Hip Hop magazine and social network that aims at discovering, promoting and divulging whom we consider top indie acts, as well as tending a watchful eye towards major music artists of particular interest. We look into and beyond the music, especially at Reverbnation, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, checking out whom we consider the top players. We also watch the software and hardware markets that help create the sounds that we love. We publish and promote articles dealing with indie artists that our staff repute to be of special interest to us and our readers. However artists are free to solicit interest in their music by liking us on Facebook and leaving links to their accounts on either Reverbnation or Soundcloud. It should be clear however that this does not certify guaranteed publication, as Jamsphere reserves the sole right to decide which artists will be published in our magazine. It is however guaranteed that we will listen to your music. We offer review, radio play and music rating services very cheaply through Fiverr and Musicxray putting media exposure in reach of any artist. facebook.com/JamSphere @Jamsphere

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