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The purpose for this show is two-fold: to provide a resource for artists looking to either start a project, in the middle of a project or have completed a project and want to know what’s next; and to motivate/inspire people to follow their dream – whatever that may be. The format of the show consists of, ‘Artists Tips’, ‘Artist Interview’, ‘Artist Performance’, ‘Soul’s Journey Online’ (once a month segment) and ends with ‘Set Your Mind, Set Your Week’. The interview segment is approximately 10 minutes long with an additional 5 minutes allotted for a live performance (or if more time is needed for interview). Please e-mail your bio, promo material, your music via MP3 file format (played during interview), and if you choose to sing live forward a performance track. My interviewing style is more like a casual conversation and will include a topic for discussion. My preferred genres are R&B, Jazz, Neo-Soul and Gospel; however, I am open to interviewing artists that have interesting and knowledgeable information to share. @WendyRHicks_1

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