An online talent discovery destination that rewards passionate performers and video creators with cash prizes based on votes from viewers and guest judges who like great content and want to be part of discovering tomorrow’s stars. Indi is looking to uncover the next big talent to take the world by storm! Anyone who can record their passion on video and captivate an audience with their skill and charisma can win prizes and fame on Indi. The Indi platform is dedicated to performers who have a serious passion and viewers who want to watch great content and be part of discovering tomorrow’s stars. Indi is most interested in finding dynamic personalities that will shine on video with little editing help. Contestants are encouraged to enter using a mobile device, a great idea and a tone of enthusiasm and energy. To enter, contestants must find an Indi challenge, record their performance, and then encourage friends to vote. The performer with the most votes will win prizes and Indi fame!

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