I Oh You (H)

I OH YOU first came into fruition when four teenage housemates received a final notice from their gas company and a bill which they didn?t have enough money to pay off. In a desperate last ditch effort to raise the necessary funds (and one of many unsuccessful attempts to impress girls) the friends decided to throw a house party at which Neon Love (RIP) and Comic Sans (RIP) both played at live?.200 people (including the local police force) ended up coming and the housemates raised enough money to pay their utility bills for the next quarter. Since that fateful December night in 2009, I OH YOU has quickly spanned far beyond the fences which border their suburban backyard. I OH YOU has become one of Melbourne?s most loved party nights and in less than a year has gone on to host some of the best indie acts from not only Australia but the world including, Foals DJs, OFWGKTA, Yeasayer DJs, The Drums, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Philadelphia Grand Jury and Last Dinosaurs. With hoards of supporters up and down the east coast the four friends have now begun to develop their brand beyond Melbourne and with the help of friends around the country have launched I OH YOU SYDNEY and I OH YOU BRISBANE

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