Holistic HipHop Collective, The

Be a part of a group of artists who collectively seek to bring back the essence of the Hip Hop culture to the mainstream through music, fine arts & dance. We are a Collective of artists seeking to both showcase their art and bring back the true essence of Hip Hop to the urban landscape. Artists tired of how the corporate mainstream has stolen the artforms and culture of Hip Hop, are seeking to show the community the true art of Hip Hop in the city. Hip Hop was built on four art forms: the DJ, the Graffiti Artist, The Emcee and the B Boy Dancer. Most of this has been lost in what is shown to the masses but these artists are the true essence of Hip Hop, rising out of the streets with great talent to share. Each member of the collective is an independent artist creating art to inspire and transform lives. facebook.com/holistichiphop

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