Extra Chill

Extra Chill is a music blog based in Charleston, South Carolina. The idea started back in 2011, when Founder & Editor Chris Huber was a freshman at the College of Charleston, but it wasn’t quite a Charleston music blog at the time (that’s a story for another day). Extra Chill has undergone many changes since then, bringing us to the website you see today. In its current form this blog seeks to help promote Charleston’s vibrant music and art scene and help bring people together. Charleston is an awesome town and we love to spread the word about what the city’s creative minds are doing. Today we write mostly about things happening in Charleston, but we also dig Columbia, Greenville, and everywhere else in South Carolina, and we’re always on the lookout for cool artists doing cool stuff. This can be anything from an upcoming concert or tour, new music or music videos from local artists, even a comedy show or art show. The only criteria we have is that the creator puts a piece of themselves into the work they create, and that this shines through in the finished product. That’s what we think art is all about: capturing a feeling, a vibe, an energy. That’s what Extra Chill is all about.

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