Encyclopaedia Metallum

The purpose of this site is to grow the largest and most complete database regarding heavy metal bands as possible. Since we cannot possibly know all the bands ourselves, especially the really obscure ones, we figured we should let the visitors contribute. Of course, letting users enter information involves taking a certain risk; anyone who has ever used a service such as a message board knows that there are often users that have nothing better to do than troll and/or spam. So because of this, we took certain precautions, limiting the access to the site’s database to registered users only. And even those do not have the same access as the more advanced users. So we built interfaces for the users to be able to enter the information we wanted to have on the database, while still having full control of the data. We realize that some parts of the interfaces may be more ambiguous, especially for non-experienced Web users, so we wrote this help file, hoping to clear some questions some of you might have. facebook.com/metal.archives

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