Come Up Show, The – CHRW

A multi-media presentation of Hip Hop culture, broadcast online as well as 94.9FM in London, Ontario. It’s new, it’s clear-cut, it’s authentic, it’s where that feel good music lives, real recognizes real. Dedicated to playing the latest and greatest in Canadian Hip Hop and providing fresh, cutting edge programming. Here at The Come Up Show, we not only welcome but encourage artists to submit their music for radio play or blog posting (or, both!). Subject of e-mail should start with ‘Music Submission:’ and include artist name and song or album title. Please provide a streaming LINK for your music submission, DO NOT attach a MP3! Include a press shot of the artist that is at least 500×500 along with official artwork from the project. Please review the rest of our submission rules ONLINE. If your submission fails to meet any of these requirements, your submission will no longer be processed. @thecomeupshow

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