CJSF – Simon Fraser U.

Digital is on the rise, obviously, and thus we get a lot of it. The amount of digital mail we get makes it difficult to get to all of it at once so, while convenient, it usually takes us the longest to process. When sending us digital music please send us MP3s with a press sheet and make sure the folder has the artist’s name and album name — The amount of submissions we get titled “archive.zip” is silly and it could mean your submission might get lost in the shuffle. You can also send us a link to a free download on Bandcamp. We discourage submissions through Soundcloud or other means as they can be a hassle for us to download. Please do not send us one song and ask us to request the rest of the music; that is a sure fire way to have your submission skipped over. When sending digital please send us the whole release. facebook.com/cjsfradio @CJSF

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