Blog To The Oldskool (H)

The purpose of is to provide information and audio for lesser known hardcore/jungle releases put out from 1991-1995, as well as info about the artists and labels responsible for them. Mp3s of tracks and live sets are posted, 99.99% of the time ripped direct from the original vinyl. The tracks posted are from long-deleted and hard to find singles, where the only people making money on them now are collectors re-selling them second-hand. No labels which have tracks for sale on sites like BeatPort or Itunes will have tunes posted (if there are links, they will be to those sites rather than to direct mp3s). If you see any track mentioned on this site for sale at a legit mp3 store like beatport, please email and they will be removed. Also, if any artists or labels want their tracks taken down for whatever reason, email and they will be taken down immediately ? This is not meant as a mp3 dump, but a site to raise awareness about some obscure but great music

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