Bass Check – RTR FM

Bass plays a strong role in all musical forms, especially Electronic genres such as Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trip-Hop and Grime. Bass provides a melodic and rhythmic counterpoint to the beats and the riffs, carving out a sonic space that in the right hands is purely visceral. Bass gets you in your gut, makes you move, and keeps your head nodding and Bass Check seeks to highlight all of the Electronic and Dance-music sounds that showcase the possibilities of bass. From synth-driven Ambient interludes to the pounding Dance floor-ready grooves of a myriad of contemporary producers, Bass Check is constantly ahead of the pack, mining the slew of current sounds to bring you the most cutting-edge in low-end music. If deep frequencies are your thing, Bass Check is the program for you. Hosts: SnB, Vishnu, Dani, Marsland, Will Bixler and Rekab. @RTRFM

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