Backseat Mafia

We’re not really into cheap shots at things we don’t like, so instead we focus on music and film we really do like. We’re not swayed by genre, we don’t follow hipster trends, although we acknowledge some of them, and although we’re known for our writing on Psych and Indie, we’re just as likely to write about Jazz, or Death Metal, or Hip Hop, or indeed ANY other musical genre If we like it. We welcome submissions, but please bear in mind that we get hundreds per day. Yours will stand out by being bold, doing things differently and offering some kind of exclusive. Premieres, exclusive plays, interviews and such things will certainly help. However, if we like it, we’ll try and write about it anyway. Send demos, links, whatever you like via our ONLINE FORM – make it your best stuff though. If we like what you’re doing, we’ll talk to you. We’re not limited by genre, or if your brand new to the scene, or experienced hands in the game. @BackseatMafia

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