Attention Surplus Disorder – CJSW

One of modern modern music’s most enduring genres, Progressive Rock has flourished since the late sixties when radio switched to FM and music became adventurous and more artistic outside of the comfort zones of Pop. Progressive Rock also branched into sub-genres; Progressive Folk, Progressive Metal, RIO – Rock in opposition, Avant-garde & Experimental, Progressive Electronic, Psychedelic Space Rock, Progressive Italiano, Post-Rock, Krautrock, Canterbury, Jazz Fusion, and many others. Unlike a lot of musical styles this is a worldwide experience as Progressive Rock has been embraced by virtually every country in the world and have bands throughout the last decades that have produced interesting blends of Prog Rock mixed in with their own country’s Folk influences. Prog Rock is less of an acquired taste and more a demanding experience that requires full attention and cannot be treated as a commodity. With its virtuosity and imaginative landscapes, the music takes the listener to the higher plane of musical enjoyment. Please note, CJSW accepts only DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS. Digital submissions, in MP3 format, can be sent to @CJSW

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