Andy Tattersall – Music Photographer

I have a very simple vision? understand a clients objective and desires, then communicate it through my work. Offering a personal service every time means I get the results every single time. My images have been featured on many different platforms both digitally, but also in printed publications and designs. I find motivation in working with people, portraying a true emotion and understanding for the viewer. Every photo has all sort of elements that go into it, whether it be brand identity, a subtle message as well as much more, I pride myself on working with my clients on a personal level. By understanding their expected outcome, it means I can offer a reliable service. My work has been used by Paloma Faith, Professor Green, Diversity, Nickelodeon star Breanna Yde as well as loads more. TESTIMONIALS: “Andy really captured the essence of what I think live performance is about and that is so hard to do in one still image” – Paloma Faith. “Andy is easily the best photographer I’ve worked with before. As a musician, it’s so important to get good shots and Andy is just on the money every single time! He really helps to put you at ease too. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.” – Ella Stephen, Jack+Ella.

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