Ambient Zone – RTR FM

Since its beginnings at the dawn of time, Ambient music has increasingly moved through the music continuum as a creative wave, incorporating all of the various sonic tangents from the cosmology of MIDI and Synthesizer. Built on the foundations of Electronic music pioneered by the Radiophonic Workshop and Kosmische schools, AZ also explores the parallel universes of minimal House and Techno, long drone pieces and atmospheric textures. Ambient Zone aims to research and showcase new experiments in sound, alongside rare historical content from the most sought after underground producers. Broadcasting for over 20 years now, Ambient Zone has always been your Sunday night session to revel in low frequency Electronic soundscapes from around the world and beyond. Hosts: Gavin E, Oliver Laing, Grant Warner, Samuel Hurst, Dimitri Kapetas & Kael Driscoll. @RTRFM

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