Amarillo Highway – KZMU

Features Hillbilly, Alt-Country, Alterna-Twang, No Depression, Left-Wing Country, Hard Core Honky Tonk. Call it what you will, you’ll find all kinds of Hillbilly Roots music on the Amarillo Highway, your rural route to Hillbilly Roots. Stop by and visit with Professor Purple and you’ll hear of all kinds of North American Twangy Roots music. Edgy Singer/Songwiter, Hillbilly, Texas tunes, Old-Timey Country, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Cajun, Celtic, Hawaiian, String Bands, Norteno, polkas, accordions, yodels and who knows what else. It’s music to put a smile on your feet, so roll back the rugs, crank up the volume, and tune into the Amarillo Highway.

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