All City – RTR FM

Hip Hop is a truly global phenomenon, that has over the last three decades provided a platform for social commentary and a launching-pad for some of the greatest innovators in groove-based music. From busted-up blunts to quick-fire hopped-up verbal reverie, from the streets of New York to our very own talented local Hip Hop scene, All City takes in all the various aspects that make Hip Hop the vibrant, progressive and often politically-charged genre that it is. With a strong focus on new innovators in the scene and a spotlight on up-and-coming rappers, DJs and producers who are pushing the style forwards, All City also casts its eye back over the classics, and the artists who gave the genre its shape and form. Hosts: Arn-One, Henry Sims, Polar, DJ Veeness & Simon The Warrior, Kid Tsunami & Steevo. @RTRFM

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