A Jazz Noise

A Jazz Noise? got started because, like any new venture, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I?d been writing for Jazz Journal (at 68 years, the longest-running jazz music magazine in the UK) since 2009 ? mostly album reviews with the occasional gig or interview thrown in. But when people asked for a link to see what I was writing, I had nothing to show? JJ (bless its antediluvian heart) was and still is predominantly print in format. So, a Jazz Noise was born as a way of reprinting my JJ scribblings and I got a little excited at the thought of revisiting all these albums one by one and adding a ?second opinion?; a sort of, I-said-that-then-but-what-do-I-think-now kind of thing. Then ambition kicked in. After all, why stop there? Now, aJN is more of a full-on blog reviewing new music, live music and other random stuff all related to jazz and improvised music (mainly European or at the very least, non-US because ? let?s be honest ? I really don?t want to waste my time or anyone else?s trying to find new things to say about Trane, Miles, Duke, Mingus, Bird, etc. ad nauseam, ad absurdum? or about the current crop of admittedly mostly excellent US Musicians because they get most of the press attention as it is) Oh yes, and there?ll also be plenty of those ?retro reviews?, taking another look at yesterday?s opinions ? about five years? worth. So, in a nutshell: non-US jazz, improv (and noise) with the intention of totally indulging myself and maybe, just maybe introducing people to some beautiful listening experiences that they wouldn?t otherwise have discovered

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