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Rap Caviar
For every track on the playlist, we look at the Discovered On section on each artist profile.
If playlist is in the Discovered On section, it means the artist receives a substantial amount of streams from the playlist.


How to understand the result to notice a good playlist?

  • It should show multiple artists on the playlist appearing in the Discovered On section

  • The Discovered On position should be as low as possible, it's better if the artist is
    #1 than #5 on Discovered On

  • Listed artist should have a significant amount of monthly listeners

  • Songs at the top of list of a playlist usually gets more streams than songs in a lower position

How It Works

We analyze a playlist based on the Discovered On section data. We go through each artist currently in the playlist to see if the playlist appears in the artists Discovered On section. The Discovered On section is on each artist Spotify profile, it displays the playlists from which the artist received the most unique listeners within the last 28 days.

If a playlist is not listed in the Discovered On section for any of the artists, this is an indication the playlist doesn’t have many real listeners. The followers could be fake or inactive. If you see that many of the artists have this playlist in their Discovered On section, it means the playlist has real listeners. The more Monthly listeners the artist has, the better is the indication that you could get a lot of streams from this playlist.