Genre: Psychedelic Trance


Hi, I’m JediMaster and this is my YouTube channel. On this channel you can find ambient music, music production tutorials, FL studio tutorials, ambient space, psybient, psychedelic trance … If you are an ambient / psybient / downtempo producer willing to share your music on my channel, you can get in touch by sending an …

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I made this channel with a purpose to promote psychedelic trance music – the artists who have decorated my life with their beautiful music for several years, and hopefully for a long time to come! And not forget, love is the key…

Goa dark

Psychedelic music is my true passion 🙂 This is the right channel to find the best videos with common denominator of dark and psy. If you are interested in adding your video to my channel send me an e-mail.


My channel is only for promoting artists and spreading love.


Rave matters! Heaven can wait! Great music from great people for groovy audience, enjoy! No mass collection, only the best. Dance till your drop!